Industrial gas

Industrial gas

We call industrial gas any gas coming out from industrial processes like chemical industry, refineries or others.


Industrial gas flares are normally a customized solution designed according the process requirement. These flares come in operation every time the process is interrupted or if the gas is out of specifications which normally occurs at start or end of the process.


The composition of industrial gas is widely variable, these flares are designed for a specific process to be able to handle the most different situations like higher gas pressures, gases containing hydrogen, synthetic substances and different types of volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

Wood gas, Syngas or Gases from combustible loading stations are typical examples of the most common gases we burn. 


We at Hofstetter Gastechnik AG put our knowledge and expertise at your service to help improve your processes, comply with applicable environmental regulations and reduce operating costs. 

Our products for industrial gas are designed for highest reliability and to avoid interrupting your processes.

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