Integrated Landfill Solutions

Hofstetter- Gastechnik

Since 1975, Hofstetter develops, builds and implements integrated landfill solutions. Highest standards, quality, innovation and reliability made us to a leading company in this business.

Hofstetter has many years of experience and solid know-how in the areas of combustion technology, explosion protection, leachate treatment and smell reduction technologies. Safety and reliability are guaranteed by our qualified and motivated employees, up-to-date tools and our highly developed quality standard.

By extending our products with suitable and proven components and complementing them with consulting & engineering services, we deliver integrated turnkey solutions that meet specific customer needs. The fast customer service is guaranteed by our global sales and service network. 

Landfill gas management

Methane, which is a main compound of landfill gas, causes 21 to 27 times more global warming than CO2 and presents a potential risk of explosion, intoxication and fire.

We offer standardized plants, as well specific individual solutions for the collection, extraction, utilization and burning of landfill gas. Since 1975, we have experience in landfill gas applications with latest technology in degassing and landfill gas flares with maximum efficiency.



Landfill leachate treatment

Landfill leachate belongs to the most harmful industrial waste waters and thus needs special treatment. To ensure the integrity of the groundwater resource at any time, we employ a range of mostly containerized leachate treatment solutions, which we carefully select based on the leachate composition and our longstanding experience.



Smell reduction systems

The smell coming from landfill sites can be managed using different techniques that either aim at covering the waste or at neutralizing smells in the air. Prominent examples are air cannons, sprinkler networks or foams. With Hofstetter Gastechnik, any solution design starts with a careful determination of the odor source.



Consulting & engineering systems

We believe that it is the human factor that turns technologies into solutions. Therefore, we offer our customers a wide range of consulting & engineering services, that span from designing single components to complete landfill technology integrations:

  • Landfill survey & optimization
  • Theoretical gas production forecasts and pumping trials
  • Design of gas collection system
  • Design of leachate treatment systems
  • Design of smell reduction systems
  • Safety inspections
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