Hofstetter Gastechnik AG has been established by one of the founders of a similar previous company, with his descendants, former employees and know-how carriers. The company specializes in handling all type of gases, their use and safe combustion in flare burners by using innovative technology. It manufactures in Switzerland and it is active worldwide.

The family company K. + U. Hofstetter AG started a new business unit to solve environmental problems in the mid seventies. In collaboration with talented engineers, this  business unit created a new generation of gas treatment systems focused on new technologies applied to gas combustion. Soon Hofstetter became a renowned brand in the field of gas treatment systems. With visionary foresight, creativity, experience and great effort has always worked out with a focus on technical leadership. This is the philosophy of Hofstetter Gastechnik AG, a company owned by people who believe that high quality and customer satisfaction are our company’s most valuable assets.

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