High temperature flare

High temperature flare | HTF
Technical data

Thermal load

100 kW until 30.0 MW

Flow at 50 Vol% CH4

20 Nm3/h until 6000 Nm3/h

Minimal operating pressure

20 mbar

Retention time

> 0.3 sec

Combustion efficiency

> 99.99 %

Combustion temperature

1000 °C until 1200 °C

Suitable for

Landfill gas, Biogas, Sewage gas, Mines gas, Industrial gas and Wood gas

Heat value of the gas composition

3.0 until 15.0 kWh/Nm3

Suitable for lean/low calorific gas combustion

Old closed landfills, Peripheral landfill zones, Syngas

Heat value of the lean gas composition

12 until 30 Vol% CH4, 1.2 until 3.0 kWh/Nm3 without support gas

5 until 12 Vol% CH4, 0.5 until 1.2 kWh/Nm3 with support gas

Turn down ratio

1:5 optional until 1:60

Noise level in 10m distance

< 69 dBA

Emission values

According TA-Luft or EA-standards



High availability

Simple and safe operation

Fully automatic operation

Emissions according TA-Luft or EA-Standards

Fully automatic combustion temperature control

CDM compatible

Service friendly

Low maintenance costs

Quick installation and commissioning times

Short delivery times


Safety technology

Flame arrestor

Flame controlled with modern burner control unit and UV- sensor according EN-746

Monitoring of gas pressure and combustion temperature

Electrical or pneumatically slum shut valve

DVGW approved instruments



Combustion chamber in AISI 316

Supporting structure and piping in AISI 304 or AISI 316

Burner part in AISI 316

Flame arrestor in pilot line

Turn down ratio up to 1:60

Frost protection

Noise level in 10m distance < 65 dBA

Exhaust gas analysing CH4, O2 to measure the combustion efficiency

The uncompromising solution for the environmentally friendly disposal of contaminated waste gases,

The high temperature flare (HTF) disposes of contaminated gases and air using an efficient combustion process and in compliance with the latest regulations.
Combustion of the gases at a temperature of 1000°C to 1200°C. In this temperature range, the oxidizable gas components are almost completely converted at a combustion efficiency of >99.99%.

The uncompromising solution for highest reliability and latest security technology.

Product Images of high temperature flares.

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