Modular gas plant (MGP)

emergency flare
Modular gas plants are compact units mounted on a robust skid that are ready for immediate use in landfills. The basic module comprehends a moisture knock-out pot, a blower, a flare with the latest safety devices and a completely automatic control system with PLC.

Our product portfolio comprehends several models:

“MGP” (Modular gas plant): It is the basic modular unit designed to control emissions to limits in compliance with current legislation (TA-Luft), gas is burned in high temperature flare between 1’000 to 1’200° C with minimum retention time of 0,3 seconds and a burning efficiency of 99,99%.

“MGP-UT” (Modular plant with gas utilization): These modular plants are designed to be installed in landfills where the gas is intended to be utilized in combined heat and power (CHP) engines or boilers. The blower provides a higher supply pressure than the conventional MGP and the system regulates the utilization of the gas in the CHP and burn the exceeding gas. These models can also be provided with gas treatment system to remove particles, moisture, Siloxanes or H2S from the landfill gas.

“MGP-LC” (Modular gas plant low cal): These modular plants are designed to burn gas of low calorific value from old landfills. A specific design of flare is necessary to burn this type of gases at high temperature. The MGP-LC contains a “lowcal flare” specially adapted to burn landfill gas with a methane concentration between 30% to 15%.

Depending on customer’s requirement each model can be fitted with a frequency inverter, a gas analyzer, a gas flow meter, frost protection, container or a memograph with telemetry to supervise and record all the performance parameters of the plant.
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