Product Description

For any situation, in which biogas cannot be utilized, our medium temperature flares are the ultimate solution for reliable and save gas disposal.

Our medium temperature flare is the ideal solution for typical biogas with methane concentrations of 60 – 75%. Its operation is completely automatic. The flare starts by pressure signal or start command from an external control system. The basic model consists of the flare, a slam shut valve, a pressure switch, a certified flame arrestor and a flame supervision by UV sensor. Blowers, frost protection, gas flow meters and monitoring of combustion temperature are optionally available.

Inside view of a biogas flare

Technical Data

  • Gas flow rate 60 – 1'500 Nm3/h
  • Thermal capacity up to 11’250 kW
  • Methane concentration 20 - 75%
  • Combustion temperature 800 – 900 °C, >900 °C optionally available
  • Noise level


Hofstetter Gastechnik has successfully deployed more than 200 landfill gas management systems around the globe, of which many can be visited on demand.

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