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CO2 Pre-Cooling Skid © Cryotec Anlagenbau GmbH

In the process of biogas upgrading, CO2 is usually separated from the biomethane and vented to the atmosphere along with a fraction of the biomethane, the so-called methane slip. The economics of biogas upgrading can be improved, if this CO2 off gas is turned into a product through our CO2 liquefaction and purification units. Through our well-proven technology, the CO2 is first compressed, then dried and cleaned using activated carbon before being liquefied and fine-purified again. In the process, all methane residues are separated from the CO2 along with the other impurities in the raw gas. The methane-rich off gas of the process can be fed back to the fermenter so that the methane slip can be completely avoided and all biomethane can be sold as a product. CO2 is a valuable feedstock in industries such as food & beverage, greenhouses and construction. If you don’t already have a CO2 offtake partner contact us to see, if we can arrange an offtake structure for you.

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Hofstetter and its partner companies have deployed over a dozen plants for CO2 utilization around the globe, of which many can be visited on demand.

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