Product Description

Skid-mounted reverse osmosis module

Landfill leachate belongs to the most harmful industrial waste waters. It has particularly high salt, heavy metal and non-biodegradable contents which cannot be sufficiently reduced by conventional wastewater treatment plants and require special treatment.

Hofstetter Gastechnik is addressing this challenge using standard spiral wound membranes, as well as the most advanced disc tube reverse osmosis modules. In just one step, the modules remove the complete spectrum of pollutants including bacteria, viruses and suspended solids. The unique design of the modules ensures easy cleanability and minimizes the risk of clogging. The single modules can easily be opened for inspection purposes. Our modules are either delivered as a containerized turnkey solution or installed on skids indoors.

The membranes, as well as the complete plant setup are always tailored to the specific conditions of the customer site. This system implementation requires special experience and knowledge, which employees of Hofstetter Gastechnik have built up over decades.

Technical Data

  • Flow rates 1-25 m3/h per line
  • Recovery rate Up to 95 %
  • Working pressure Up to 160 bar


Hofstetter Gastechnik and its partner companies have successfully deployed more than 1'500 reverse osmosis systems around the globe, of which many can be visited on demand.

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