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The smell coming from landfill sites can be managed using different techniques that either aim at covering the waste or at neutralizing smells in the air. With Hofstetter Gastechnik, any solution design starts with a careful determination of the odor source.

Our odor control systems use reagents that neutralize- rather than over-odor the landfill smells. Depending on the specific site, those reagents are distributed through air cannons, sprinkler networks or foams.

Our reagents are composed of natural and synthetic essential oils, made up of mixtures of Aldehydes and Ketones. Through chemical reactions, those mixtures neutralize foul-smelling gases such as Ammonia, Amines, Hydrogen sulfide and Mercaptans.

The efficiency of our solution has been tested by numerous external laboratories and universities such as the SUEZ Group, the University of Rennes, and Veolia.

Our products are non-toxic and regularly tested for biodegradability, eye-, skin- and lung toxicity, phytotoxicity and ecotoxicity. All substances are registeredon the IFRA list (International Fragrance Association).

Technical Data


Since 1980, Hofstetter Gastechnik and its partner companies have successfully deployed more than 3’000 smell reduction systems in more than 30 countries around the globe, of which many can be visited on demand.

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