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The main components of these vapors are VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are harmful for the environment. Typical applications of our vapor combustion unit (VCU) systems are:

  • Maritime storage farms
  • Tankers
  • Transport trucks
  • Railcars
  • Oil tanks
  • Gas treatment facilities
  • Storage terminals
  • Refinery shut-down

Emission levels of these VOC’s are limited by local legislation and international guidelines. Wherever these vapors cannot be recovered, due to process difficulties or heterogeneous composition, the preferred vapour treatment method is controlled combustion.

High-temperature vapour combustion units can handle up to 60MW of thermal power per unit. Enclosed vapor combustion units by Hofstetter Gastechnik AG eliminate VOC in a highly efficient and controlled process with a destruction efficiency greater than 99.9% to comply with most stringent emission standards. VCU’s operate fully automatically, using enclosed combustion. The units are completely in stainless steel and ready to endure the extreme weather conditions typical of coastal areas, at high wind speeds, and even in seismic zones.


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