Integrated Landfill Solutions

Transforming landfill hazards into assets such as energy and clean water is at the heart of what we do.

Landfill gas flaring & cogeneration solutions with gas collection pipes under construction.

It takes know-how, experience and a wide range of technologies to operate a landfill in a safe and environmentally sound manner. With the right technologies and expertise, hazards such as landfill gas and leachate can be turned into assets such as energy and clean water.

Working principles of Hofstetter Gastechnik integrated landfill solutions

If you decide for Hofstetter Gastechnik, you get the full range of landfill technologies out of one hand and you can be sure that everything is calibrated and works together hand in hand. By complementing our technological offerings with consulting & engineering services, we deliver truly integrated turnkey solutions that meet specific customer needs. Our full range of landfill solutions is presented in detail below.

Interested to learn more about our integrated landfill approach? Browse our solutions below or reach out to us directly.




Browse our solutions below or reach out to us directly

Landfill Value Concepts

Make the best use of your landfill’s resources.

Landfill Cogeneration Systems

Turn your landfill gas into heat and electricity.

Landfill Gas Management

Transform your landfill in a safe environment for workers & residents.

Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems

Protect the integrity of your ground water.

Landfill Smell Reduction Systems

Reduce the smell of your landfill with carefully chosen smell control solutions.

Off-Grid Landfill Management

Auttonomous ™ – our complete, integrated and self sustainable solution for the management of off-grid landfills.

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